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KÜppersmühle1. KÜppersmühle7.86 mi
(43 Bewertungen)
Moderne europäische Küche | Duisburg-Süd,

"Nice upper-end restaurant along the riverfront. Bright, modern atmosphere with matching food selections."Mehr

Pesas ALLSteaks im Haus Rösgen2. Pesas ALLSteaks im Haus Rösgen9.03 mi
(341 Bewertungen)
Internationale Küche | Neudorf-Süd,

"Visiting Duisburg, came for family celebration, 10 people from 4 to 83, all enjoyed the food and the service!"Mehr

Chopelin3. Chopelin10.46 mi
(77 Bewertungen)
Französisch | Krefeld,

"Business as usual: Lecker 😄"Mehr

Restaurant Odysseus4. Restaurant Odysseus10.73 mi
(42 Bewertungen)
Griechisch | Krefeld,

"As good als always. Been there several times, food was good, service was good and fast. Highly recommended!"Mehr

Schlösser Steak & Seafood5. Schlösser Steak & Seafood12.12 mi
(178 Bewertungen)
Steak | Krefeld,

"Bestes Steak and Seafood Restaurant in Krefeld! Super Fleischqualität!"Mehr

Gut Porz6. Gut Porz15.01 mi
(534 Bewertungen)
Neue Deutsche Küche | Ratingen,

"Sehr gutes Essen in toller Atmoshere mit super Service"Mehr

Coco & Clay7. Coco & Clay15.44 mi
(45 Bewertungen)
Crossover | Düsseldorf,

"Delightful atmosphere and service. I will go again."Mehr

Pelayo8. Pelayo17.2 mi
(141 Bewertungen)
Spanisch | Rüttenscheid,

"We always try to make a group booking at Pelayo when we are in Essen for Spiele each year. The food is good and varied - everybody finds something that they like. The staff are friendly and attentive."Mehr

Trattoria Luca Enoteca9. Trattoria Luca Enoteca17.55 mi
(101 Bewertungen)
Italienisch | Meerbusch,

"Very Good Food , outstanding Service!! For sure not the last time we booked this Restaurant!"Mehr

Liebevoll in der Auermühle10. Liebevoll in der Auermühle17.71 mi
(62 Bewertungen)
Deutsch | Ratingen,

"Always a pleasure and the food is excellent! Service is friendly and nice"Mehr

Mönchenwerth11. Mönchenwerth17.75 mi
(75 Bewertungen)
Französisch | Meerbusch,

"Great food, great people, great place"Mehr

Tapas Bar Buena Vida12. Tapas Bar Buena Vida18.29 mi
(219 Bewertungen)
Tapas / Vorspeisen | Werden,

"All of the offered dishes are great and can be recommended. The atmosphere is wonderful and all of the employees are very child-oriented."Mehr

Goldener Anker13. Goldener Anker18.41 mi
(430 Bewertungen)
Internationale | Dorsten,

"Wonderful dinner. Everything was spot on. I really enjoyed the wine pairing. The sommelier allowed us to taste every wine before the course. One of the reds was too strong for my mother-in-law and she immediately substituted it for her for another one. The food was outstanding. Very much enjoyed the clear line and interesting combinations. The chef came to our table and greeted us, which was very nice, especially for my mother-in-law, who had seen him on TV."Mehr

Hilton Düsseldorf Restaurant Max14. Hilton Düsseldorf Restaurant Max18.62 mi
(13 Bewertungen)
Internationale | Stockum,

"We had a meeting with an American friend and we had a great time over an excellent dinner."Mehr

Essgold15. Essgold19.14 mi
(88 Bewertungen)
Mediterran | Ratingen,

"When you walk in to ESSGOLD there is a cosy atmosphere, candle lights, comfortable sitting, etc. Both my husband and I ordered fish. It was done just right-----not dryed out and the presentation was perfect. We ordered wine by the glass and could have a larger sip to see if we liked it before we really ordered. All in all it was a relaxed, enjoyable evening."Mehr

Trattoria Zucchero16. Trattoria Zucchero19.17 mi
(26 Bewertungen)
Italienisch | Mörsenbroich,

"Very good food, very good service, nice ambience, one of our favorite places in Duesseldorf. Sehr gute Kueche, sehr guter Service, angenehmes Ambiente, eines unserer Lieblingsrestaurants in Duesseldorf."Mehr

Restaurant Spoerl Fabrik17. Restaurant Spoerl Fabrik19.59 mi
(101 Bewertungen)
Crossover | Düsseltal,

"I was looking for a restaurant with charm, flair and of course good food. This place had it all. It was nestled onto the side of the main building and felt like you were right inside someone's house. Great ambiance and cozy feel. The service was perfect. Checking in when needed and then allowed you to eat. Finally the food was outstanding. Very fresh and no details missed. Every course was excellently crafted and displayed perfectly."Mehr

Lo Zibellino18. Lo Zibellino19.67 mi
(7 Bewertungen)
Italienisch | Pempelfort,

"Tucked into a residential neighborhood we were surprised to find so many dining options nearby. This restaurant in particular was cozy with pictures of Italian Hollywood stars of the 50's adorning the walls. . The service was attentive and our server was comfortable speaking English. We spoke German, however. The food was reasonably priced, seasonally specific, and delicious 😋."Mehr

Le Flair19. Le Flair19.74 mi
(125 Bewertungen)
Französisch | Düsseldorf,

"Wonderful neighborhood restaurant. Small and cozy with excellent food! Had the tasting menu which was wonderful. But plenty of a la carte selections as well. Will definitely be back."Mehr

manima – Der Laote20. manima – Der Laote19.8 mi
(104 Bewertungen)
Asiatisch | Düsseldorf,

"Wie immer tip top. Freundliches Personal, super essen, tolle Cocktails..."Mehr

grafengrün. restaurant21. grafengrün. restaurant19.85 mi
(13 Bewertungen)
Regionale | Düsseldorf,

"Coole Location. Friendly Service. Fine Food. Facit: Birdie!"Mehr

SOLEVINO - Restaurant & Sommergarten à la Provence22. SOLEVINO - Restaurant & Sommergarten à la Provence19.88 mi
(196 Bewertungen)
Provenzalisch | Neuss,

"Superb meal! The menu is different as you can do it a la carte or choose to have multiple courses. We had the antipasti platter and it was humongous and oh so good! My risotto was perfect and the surprise dessert was amazing - I would have ordered 3 more desserts if I could! Would definitely go back if we are in the area again!"Mehr

Askitis23. Askitis19.97 mi
(251 Bewertungen)
Griechisch | Düsseltal,

"Super Service, tolle Weine, bester Calamar der Stadt"Mehr

The Bull Steak Expert Düsseldorf24. The Bull Steak Expert Düsseldorf20.03 mi
(242 Bewertungen)
Steakhaus | Stadtmitte,

"Easily the best steaks in Düsseldorf but, at reasonable prices. The place looks more like a french restaurant than a steak house with light colours and comfortable (faux?) leather seats. The quality of the meats and the attention of the service are great and the desserts simply delicious."Mehr

Beuys Bar25. Beuys Bar20.1 mi
(4 Bewertungen)
Internationale | Düsseldorf,

"Top Drinks, Top Service, Top Barkeeper ... Lieblingsbar in Düsseldorf!"Mehr

Schwan Am Burgplatz26. Schwan Am Burgplatz20.18 mi
(116 Bewertungen)
Deutsch | Altstadt,

"If you are looking for great German food, check this place out!"Mehr

Brasserie 180627. Brasserie 180620.38 mi
(77 Bewertungen)
Deutsch | Friedrichstadt,

"I really enjoyed this lunch with my friends. Thanks to all"Mehr

Hausmann´s28. Hausmann´s20.4 mi
(533 Bewertungen)
Neue Deutsche Küche | Düsseldorf,

"Very nice venue. The food is delicious and we received good service."Mehr

Tafelsilber bar & kitchen29. Tafelsilber bar & kitchen20.49 mi
(691 Bewertungen)
Steak | Flingern,

"Pizza large and ok, but only sparse toppings"Mehr

DOX Restaurant & Bar30. DOX Restaurant & Bar20.62 mi
(220 Bewertungen)
Internationale | Hafen,

"All quite well, very good Sushi, nice Risotto, certainly recommendable"Mehr

Julians bar and restaurant31. Julians bar and restaurant20.71 mi
(6 Bewertungen)
Internationale | Hafen,

"I booked by mistake. I did not have my glasses on. I was trying for Jillian's in Palm Desert Ca. I reserved in this German place. Tried to cancel and Opentable system would not let me. Went in to Palm Desert restaurant and pushed for my reservation and showed them my reservation still without my glasses. Boy did they have a big laugh. They did honor me with a table for two. Don't let this happen to you."Mehr

The View Skylounge & Bar32. The View Skylounge & Bar20.71 mi
(101 Bewertungen)
Moderne europäische Küche | Hafen,

"Nice View, Very good food and wine! Service was great.. Cant say anything bad about it.. Definitely go there again!"Mehr

Basil's33. Basil's20.74 mi
(70 Bewertungen)
Mediterran | Düsseldorf,

"Here on business and ate here twice the tapas are outstanding as well as the the rest of the meal. Lacki takes great care or patrons and this restaurant is high on the list every time to Düsseldorf!"Mehr

Tokyo Lounge34. Tokyo Lounge20.92 mi
(816 Bewertungen)
Japanisch | Friedrichstadt,

"We have been here before. It was even better this time! Thanx for the nice time!"Mehr

Anfora35. Anfora20.94 mi
(107 Bewertungen)
Türkisch | Friedrichstadt,

"Phenomenal!! Great service and food! Everyone made you feel like you were family! Definitely recommend the Turkish wines, baklava, basically everything! Will definitely be back and recommend Ánfora to everyone! Thanks so much for taking pride in what all of you do so that we could have an amazing dining experience!"Mehr

Restaurant Spitzweg36. Restaurant Spitzweg21.21 mi
(71 Bewertungen)
Neue Deutsche Küche | Neuss,

"We picked the surprise 7 court menu The first 4 dishes were amazing and surprising. Outstanding was the build-up of spiciness during the dishes The 5th dish was the main dish and was compared to the first 4 dishes quit boring. In addition, the style of the dish did not fit, maybe done to please the German people? The 6th court was surprising with rosemary ice cream, lovely. The last and 7th dish was a cheese dish which was delicious but not very original and did not really fit in the style of the first 4 and the 6th dish. Overall it was a nice experience and I would come back."Mehr

Vossen37. Vossen21.23 mi
(93 Bewertungen)
Deutsch | Düsseldorf,

"Lovely dinner, great atmosphere and excellent service."Mehr

Williams Bar & Kitchen Düsseldorf38. Williams Bar & Kitchen Düsseldorf21.33 mi
(45 Bewertungen)
Internationale Küche | Düsseldorf,

"Worth going just for the cocktails! Food fantastic as well!"Mehr

ManThei Sushi Restaurant Bilk39. ManThei Sushi Restaurant Bilk21.41 mi
(34 Bewertungen)
Japanisch | Bilk,

"We tried almost all kind of sushi and all of them was delicious. Service was excellent"Mehr

Rosenmeer40. Rosenmeer21.98 mi
(54 Bewertungen)
Internationale Küche | Nord,

"Da passte wieder mal alles, lecker und guter Service!"Mehr

Nierskind41. Nierskind23.01 mi
(693 Bewertungen)
Internationale | Zentrum,

"Sehr leckere Burger.. Toller Salat.. Freundlicher Service.."Mehr

Palastkantine42. Palastkantine23.02 mi
(85 Bewertungen)
Neue Deutsche Küche | Herne,

"Tolles Ambiente, super Service und ein sehr gutes Essen. Was will man mehr!"Mehr

Restaurant PURiNO, Mönchengladbach (Schloss Rheydt)43. Restaurant PURiNO, Mönchengladbach (Schloss Rheydt)23.06 mi
(1007 Bewertungen)
Italienisch | Ost,

"Italian dishes with a twist and good service. In summer it is possible to eat outside overlooking the castle moat."Mehr

Dycker Weinhaus44. Dycker Weinhaus24.82 mi
(107 Bewertungen)
Landküche | Jüchen,

"Leckere Gerichte, super Service!"Mehr

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