Michaels At Shoreline Restaurant

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San Francisco
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Besucht am 12. Mai 2019

We made a reservation earlier on Mother's Day, hoping for a nice breakfast. When we arrived almost none of the food was available (empty trays everywhere), our waitress didn't introduce herself or explain how the buffet worked/cost, and we couldn't get any beverages. Eventually, as time went on more and more food arrived (including coffee 30 minutes AFTER they were open), but still not all of it. They had mentioned an omelette bar, which was not yet open, and they had a prime rib station, which had no prime rib at it. Only when they decided to bring us the check did we see that they charged $30 per meal (which had never been mentioned or posted), and charged our 4 year-old the same $30. She had eaten two sausages. Evidently, enough people had complained about small children being charged the full amount that they stopped charging for that, and lowered our bill to $60. Finally, once I complained to the manager about the poor service/food quality and execution of this special morning, he begrudgingly offered to refund my card the full amount. BUT instead he charged me twice (I didn't know this until two days later when the pending charges had cleared). As we were leaving around is when the prime rib was brought out, BTW. Very frustrating. The double charge may well have been a simple accident, but it took a full week and a half of phone calls back and forth to get my money refunded.
The experience was poor, but the manager had an opportunity to remedy the situation by apologizing (he never did), or offering to box up some prime rib (which I had told him I was looking forward to). Instead, he was belligerent and defensive throughout the entire process. So now, instead of merely leaving a bad taste in my mouth after the visit, they have lost our future patronage completely. Do better.